Biography of Yellow Robe Rosebud

Yellow Robe, Rosebud was born and brought up in an educated family as a daughter of a nurse and an educator. Her father was a graduate of Carlisle, a Native american Boarding school designed to enculturate Indians to Anglo society by removing the trace of being an Indian. However, like many other graduate of the Carlisle, Chauncey Yellow Robe used the education he acquired to educate their people. His achievement put him as a representative of the North American Indians at the Congress of Nations. Under education of her father, Chauncey Yellow Robe she has became an activist for Native American, author and also an educator. 

as an author she brought the understanding of her tribe to mainstream through her books, Rosebud Yellow Robe produced several award winning books at the American Indian Art Exhibit and listed on Texas Bluebonnet Award List for 1981. her work included An Album of the American Indian, Tonweya and the Eagles and other Lakota Indian Tales. She also narrated prologue for The Silent Enemy. These stories are told by her father to her .

As an Educator, Rosebud Yellow Rope passed the knowledge of American Indian by word of mouth at public libraries after she was married to Alfred Frantz and moved to New York City. she also lectured in schools and media specials. in her work, she brought her first experience of the culture and knowledge of native American to her audiences. She was also involved in numerous social activities related to Native American culture during World War 2. 

Yellow Robe, Rosebud’s contribution to humanity was recognized in 1989 when W.H. Over State Museum in- conjunction with South Dakota Historical Society held Yellow Robe Day and University of South Dakota Commencement Day. She was also awarded Doctor of Humane Letters. However, her commitment was recognize much earlier during he high school, when she performed American Indian dance for Strollers. She also had the honor to present the President Calvin Coolidge with full feather headdress when she was just 20 years old. 

Yellow Rosebud’s contributed her life for her culture and her give to the society of Native American was significant. 


Researching and study of Yellow Robe, Rosebud has helped me understand the culture of Native American and the struggle of the culture that has been going on for decades. 

through her story I found that she did not come from a rich and powerful family but nevertheless, being the great grand niece of Sitting Bull and Iron Plume and daughter of Chauncey Yellow Robe, is her family background has helped her realized the struggle of the culture of Native American.



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